A Practical Approach To Choosing God

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There are tens of thousands of gods worshipped throughout the history of humankind, maybe more. A partial list is appended, after these Ten Questions:

1] With so many gods to choose from, how would you choose just one?

2] Would you accept a promise from a god, in return for your promise to worship the god.? e.g. Eternal Life. What if the promise from the god wasn’t deliverable in your lifetime, but could only be delivered after you were dead…a “post-dated” check, so to speak? Would you still give the god what it asked for in your time on Earth?

3] Would the god have to be published? i.e. a book of its words, opinions, actions…and its aspirations for you?

4] Would you allow the god exclusivity in your religious life, or would you prefer an open relationship?

5] Would your chosen god have to speak [or whisper] to you, at least occasionally?

6] If your god demanded blood sacrifice of you or your family, would you submit?

7] Alternatively, would you accept the god’s offering of a blood sacrifice of itself?

9] Would you prefer to have no god at all, and not be required to choose one?

10] Open Question: How would you go about choosing a god yourself?


Moldred T. Malcontents Partial List of Gods From Humankind’s Rich History

Abba Abonsam Absolute Ada Adelphia Adonai Afra Aglibol Agni Ahriman Ahura Mazda Ahuramazd Akongo Aksobhya Ala Alatangana Alfalfa All Light All Darkness All Soul Allah Allmighty Alochem Alpha and the Omega Amaterasu Amaterasu-Ohmikami Amerissis Amitabha Amma Amoghasiddhi Amon Amora Anat Ananta Ancient of Days Anuket Aondo Apap Aphrodite Arebati Aries Arion Asase Yaa Ash Asherah Ashtoreth Aslan Astarte Astrea Ataa Naa Nyongmo Atete Athena Atum Augusto Augustus AUM-EN-RA Babaji Balaji Balaramaji Bast Beautiful Great One Bes ….

Ya Waliy Ya Wasi’ Yah Yahweh Yahweh Adonai Yahweh Elohim Yahweh Elohim Israel Yahweh God of Israel Yahweh Jireh Yahweh Maccaddeshcem Yahweh Nissi Yahweh Our Banner Yahweh Our Commander Yahweh Our Healer Yahweh Our Peace Yahweh Our Provider Yahweh Our Righteousness Yahweh Our Shepherd Yahweh Roi Yahweh Ropheka Yahweh Sabbaoth Yahweh Shalom Yahweh Shammah Yahweh Tsidkenu Yaro Yemekonji Yezdan Yogananda Yomama Zarathustra Zeus Zurvan

And there are even more…

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