Proof of existence: Archaeologists find bones from God

Donnerstag, 19. November 2020

It is probably the most spectacular bone find of all time: As an international team of archaeologists announced on Wednesday, it has apparently been possible to recover the remains of God during a scientific excavation in Jerusalem. The discovery of the skeleton of the head of three world religions should not only cause a stir among atheists.
Huge, male, more than 6,000 years old – those were the first clues that puzzled the researchers when they examined the unusual bones. The almost completely preserved skeleton is around 6.5 meters long and has the typical bone structure of a white-haired beard.

One of the last pictures in which God can still be seen alive

None of the Dutch scientists had even considered that they would come across God’s bones in their work. “The skeleton initially appeared to us like the image of a Homo Sapiens – only on a much larger scale,” said excavation director Gabriel van den Berg at the completely overcrowded press conference in Jerusalem. Only later did the researchers realize that Homo sapiens must be the likeness of their find.
There is now almost no doubt about the identity of the remains. “The age and gender of the bones, but also the 20 other winged skeletons with trumpets and the autographed first edition of the Bible, which were next to the bones, allow no other explanation”, says van den Berg.
A DNA comparison with the Turin shroud and around a hundred surviving reliquary nails from the cross of Golgotha ​​should now finally confirm the relationship to Jesus and thus the existence of God.
Once all investigations are complete, the bones will be solemnly buried in an ecumenical ceremony that will include Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Amazing! Who’d have thunk it? What do you think of this miraculous discovery?

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