Blondie’s Debbie Harry duets with Kermit The Frog to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’


As part of Blondie, frontwoman Debbie Harry quickly became the iconic face of a new musical movement, a new decade and a new generation. An undoubted pop icon there aren’t many people that can outshine her in a duet. That said, perhaps there may be one figure who can give her a run for her money and he’s pretty green.

Harry’s quite astoundingly brilliant vocals with Blondie and her own solo projects have seen her duet with some fine singers and artists. Whether it’s the illustrious Iggy Pop or notorious Nick Cave, nobody has ever matched the legendary status of the one and only legendary singer, Kermit the Frog. It must remain one of the moments of Harry’s career that was as surreal as it was joyful.

We needn’t give you the lowdown on Kermit, we all know that he is likely one of the greatest actors, finest singers, and best looking leading men in television history — these are facts. Harry joins the one and only Kermit as part of her cameo on this 1980 episode of The Muppet Show and the duo deliver quite a stunning performance too.

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