James Comey ‘Obviously’ Thinks Trump Belongs in Jail, But Counsels Against Prosecuting Him and Even Suggests Biden Should Consider a Pardon

Former FBI Director James Comey offered up a plethora of takes about the future of President Donald Trump, some of which seemed to clearly contradict each other.

During a Wednesday evening interview with host Emily Maitlis of BBC’s Newsnight, Comey made the case that the best way forward for the country was to try to minimize the extent to which the federal government focuses its energy on the now-twice impeached president.

When Maitlis asked what precedent it sets if Trump is given a pass for his misconduct just because his term is ending, Comey wound his way through a response of byzantine logic.

“If the appearance of fairness matters, if we arrest drug dealers and shopkeepers, why wouldn’t you extend that same sense of the appearance fairness?” Maitlis pressed.

“I know it’s an odd thing to say given my career and given that the guy has been saying I should be in jail in the last four years,” Comey said, before expounding. “But I’m trying to make a judgment about what’s best for the country. I obviously think he belongs in jail, but I don’t think pursuing that is in the best interest of the entire nation.”


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