The God of the Sims

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I recently created a mod to the game Sims 4 which allows me to act like a god. So, after creating a universe with a bunch of Sims, I gave them the ability to make choices within the program. I also created rules for them. The rules don’t really matter. What matters is that I decided if a Sim doesn’t follow my rules I will move them to another simulated universe, and torture them forever.

None of my Sims followed my rules. I knew this when I created the Sims and created the rules. I could have simply re-programmed the Sims, or changed the rules (after all, the fact that I programmed the Sims and they ALL broke my rules suggests I didn’t program them correctly to be able to follow my rules). But rather than re-program the Sims, or make it possible for the Sims to follow the rules, I decided I needed to come up with a way to forgive them for breaking my rules.

I decided the best way to forgive them is to create a Sim of myself, torture it, and sacrifice my Sim to myself.


How does my Sim’s sacrifice make any sense when I could have come up with another way to forgive the Sims?

Who is to blame for the Sim’s not following the rules?

God Hates Faith

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