All of Mankind!

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All of Mankind!

I came across a book in the mid-1950s first published in 1903, however, in 198o I was fortunate to buy a 1968 edition with a new introduction by the Semitic scholar Leslie Shepard.  It has been one of my constant companions and its scholarly work is as good today as it was back in 1903—Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.? by the great Englisce scholar G.R.S Mead.  With the 2nd millennia editions that came out in 2005, 2012, 2017 and 2019.

Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?  This astonishing question may seem too paradoxical for serious consideration, and even if we rephrase it in the form there belief that the Jewish people of those far-off times rejected and sacrificed a divine teacher, the saviour of mankind.  However, that may be a story for the future, but for now, Christianity is the only religion in the world who falsely claims this fact that Jesus is the saviour of all of Mankind!  Christianity forgets its past deceptions over other religious sects in its blood-lust that there were and are many more ancient religions in the world past present.  Who would have superiority owing to the age of their creation over the Christian faith?  The 2 billion-plus Christian adherents amassed by fraud, lies and forgery do not count!  Today we have 195 world nations and 7,117 different languages.  What was the number 2,000 years ago?  According to Jewish sources, there were 70 spoken languages of the world. Sanhedrin 17a-21  So the claim of being the saviour of Mankind is utterly false, like all its other claims.

We see Jesus today revered as a God, yet, his early followers saw him a man and no more than a prophet.  Jesus in his own day probably heard the Rabbinic fathers called him amongst other things a Samaritan, Gentile, or of the Nations.  The Nations being the Pagan people that the King of Assyria gathered from Babylon, Kuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim and settled them in the towns of Samaria to replace the Israelites. 2 Kings 17:24 NIV  With the diaspora of Israelites in 721 BCE probably replacing the vacuum the Pagans left in Mesopotamia.  Whatever the case, today’s Israelis are still looking for the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel 2,720 years later.  Believe it or not, the Christian Church is in the midst of all this, not helping, but being ignorant about Hebraic roots.  The same ignorance that the Church used in the 1200s and onward to burn, destroy and to censure tens of thousands of Torah and Talmud scrolls, scriptures and the laws of the Jewish faith.  This destruction of Jewish textual treasure did not stop in the medieval period, no today some far-right clergy wanting to revive what was perceived to of ended in the 19th-century.  It is an attack on Humanity for one religion to try and annihilate a much older faith that could show Christianity for what it is, a fraud.  But, what is more, poignant is that Christianity is derived from Judaism.  Brothers in the Abrahamic religion along with Islam, Yazidi, Samaritanism, Mandeans, Druze, Babism, Baha’i Faith and Rastafari!  With Judaism, Christianity and Islam the three largest faiths with hatred for each other as well as for the rest of it brethren in religion!  

What do you say on the destruction of another faith, and what is your thought on Christianity claiming its creation to be the saviour of all Mankind?

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