Republican trolls trillion dollar COVID package, asks for $10,000 stimulus checks instead

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In a last ditch effort to counter the $1.9 trillion coronavirus package passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the early hours Saturday morning, frustrated Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar submitted an amendment that slashed non relief spending and offered $10,000 stimulus checks instead.

Gosar’s amendment called for the removal of 10 agenda items out of the American Rescue Plan’s more than 200 sections, including funding for the arts, federal and corporate transit projects, “vaccine confidence activities” and foreign aid.

The proposal was an attempt to show that by removing non COVID-related funding, Congress would be able to provide substantially more cash in-hand for the U.S.’s most financially vulnerable.

“People need help with car payments, mortgage and rent, and everyday necessities,” Gosar said. “The government broke it. Now government must fix it. The people, not corporations or billionaires, need this money to survive,” he added, saying a $10,000 stimulus check should considered “a down payment.”

The amendment was a nonstarter with House Democrats.

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