Biden’s Attempt to Bomb Bluff Iran Collapses

I was never a big fan of reruns. And who wanted reruns of Obama’s foreign policy? 

It’s convenient for Iran which caught the show the first time around and knows exactly how the plot works. Biden tried a backdoor cash pass to Iran through South Korea. And Iran responded by turning down proposed negotiations and using its terrorist proxies to go on the attack. Biden’s team tried to bluff Iran with a weak air strike, Iran got out the human shields, and the whole thing predictably imploded in a humiliating mess.

Biden called off an air strike against a second target in Syria last week after a woman and children were spotted in the area, a senior administration official told NBC News.

Because of the presence of civilians, only one target was bombed in last week’s operation, which came in retaliation for recent rocket attacks on U.S. personnel that the Pentagon blamed on Iranian-backed Shiite militia in Iraq, the administration official and a Defense official said.

The Biden administration sent a private message to Iran following the strike, the administration official said.

And the Iranians couldn’t stop laughing.

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