COVID 19 Worldwide Updates

For the last year I have been posting data updates in articles regarding COVID-19 and its impacts. Recently I read the community guidelines again, wherein a request to not post entire thesis works in a comment was made. To try to comply with this, I will now be doing these updates in article form. Hopefully those who found it interesting will work their way to it, and those who did not will no longer have to scroll past a wall of text.

With no further ado:


Comparisons with 9 days ago are made in parentheses.

The USA has the following stats:
– 29,801,506 infections, 25.21%% of all worldwide infections (gone down 0.28%)
– 540,574 deaths, 20.61%% of all worldwide deaths (gone down 0.05%)
– Population is 4.26% of the world’s population, 3rd most in the world out of 217
– Cases per 1M population rate of 89,673, 8th in the world (gone down one rank)
– Deaths per 1M population rate of 1,627, 12th in the world (gone down two ranks)
– Recovery amount is 68.96%, 187th in the world (went up two ranks)
– Active case rate of 26,212, 11th in the world (went down one rank)
– 8.97% of the total population has been infected, 10th in the world (down three ranks)

Worst total infection rate states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Iowa (131,897 ___ 128,584 ___ 122,033 ___ 117,178 ___ 116,604)
Worst active infection rate states: Rhode Island, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia (112,129 ___ 80,309 ___ 61,361 ___ 54,430 ___ 44,561) * Note: Arizona stopped reporting their active case rate; they were #2*
Worst death rate states: New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Mississippi (2,661 ___ 2,505 ___ 2,413 ___ 2,388 ___ 2,296)
Highest infection %: North Dakota, 13.19%
Lowest infection %: Hawaii, 1.98%
Lowest Death Rate: Hawaii, 314
Lowest Active Infection Rate: Mississippi, 160

For the European Union, the following stats:
– 23,311,498 infections, 19.72% of all worldwide infections (gone up 0.26%)
– 566,252 deaths, 21.58% of all worldwide deaths (gone up 0.11%)
– Population is 5.7% of the world’s population (444,204,005, 1.34 times the population of the USA)
– Cases per 1M population rate of 58,033, equivalent to 33rd in the world (gone down two ranks)
– Deaths per 1M population rate of 1,198, equivalent to 28th in the world (gone up one rank)
– Recovery amount is 75.81%, 178th in the world (went up 3 ranks)
– Active case rate of 12,238, 19th in the world (gone down 1 rank)
– 5.25% of the total population has been infected, 38th in the world (gone down 1 rank)

Worst total infection rate nations: Czechia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Lithuania (126,013 ___ 94,472 ___ 89,775 ___ 79,726 ___ 75,441)
Worst active infection rate nations: Belgium, France, Ireland, Estonia, Czechia (61,526 ___ 54,702 ___ 39,421 ___ 15,698 ___ 15,277)
Worst death rate nations: Czechia, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy (2,088 ___ 1,921 ___ 1,878 ___ 1,693 ___ 1,664)
Highest infection %: Czechia, 12.60%
Lowest infection %: Finland, 1.14%
Lowest Death Rate: Finland, 140
Lowest Active Infection Rate: Croatia, 821

If the EU was to have proportional rates with the US based on population, their rates would be:
Cases: 36,872,760 (58% more) (gone down 9%)
Deaths: 668,841 (18% more) (gone down 4%)
Cases per Capita: 111,397 (92% more) (gone down 8%)
Active cases per Capita: 30,021 (213% more) (gone down 55%)
Deaths per Capita: 2,020 (69% more) (went down 7%)

And North Dakota has the worldwide equivalent of the 2nd worst cases per population (9 times the worldwide average)
And the top 5 worst hit US states have more than the worst of the worldwide deaths per population except for Gibraltar. (8 times the worldwide average)

No EU nation has as bad a death rate as the 9th worst US state. (up 1)
No states fall under the global average of infections (15,165)
Only one state fall under the global average of deaths (337) (Hawaii

US rates are dropping in EU and worldwide comparisons. Infections are going down, though still double that of most nations.

The EU and the USA combined have around 45% of all cases in the world. This despite making up only 10% of the global population.
Disparity is largest for the following nations:

– Negative disparity (larger infection than population %) =


– Positive disparity (larger population than infection %) =

St. Barth425%
Turks and Caicos368%
Saint Martin317%


United Arab Emirates64
Falkland Islands50
Cayman Islands40
United Kingdom35
European Union10
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