Watch Florida Man Casually Hand Police His Grandfather’s Severed Ears From His Pockets

Inexplicably, he is not handcuffed.

Revolting body camera footage captured the moment a suspect casually presented police with his grandfather’s severed ears.

Kolby Parker was arrested and charged with the murder of Ronal Wells Sr., 77, at his home in DeLand, Florida on Saturday night.

A ten minute recording of the victim’s grandson being questioned immediately after the 911 call depicts an insane confrontation: the 30-year-old is sitting on the back of a pick-up truck, his hands bloodied, as three Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputies try to piece together what happened.

He makes several attempts to leave the back of the truck, and is repeatedly told to sit back down. Inexplicably, he is never placed in handcuffs.

The officers ask each other where Junior is; “Junior” Wells is Parker’s uncle, whom the 911 caller identified themselves as.

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