Conservative Christian Deeply Offended At Rap Video’s Implication That Satan A Homosexual

Decrying the depiction as “sacrilege,” local conservative Christian Elizabeth Dillon told reporters Tuesday she was deeply offended by a music video from rap artist Lil Nas X that implied Satan was a homosexual. “Nowhere in the Bible does Satan receive a lap dance, least of all from another man,” said Dillon, who was just one of thousands of worshippers across the country outraged by the depiction of the fallen angel as anything other than a devout Christian. “Satan embraces sin, but not that sin. He has a wife, you know, and three young demonic children. And sure, he tempted Christ, but never in a sexual way. Satan simply couldn’t be any straighter.” At press time, a horrified Dillon had realized that Satan was bisexual.

Interesting… so, do YOU think that Satan is a devout Christian and opposed to homosexuality? Or more probably, just another hypocritical Conservative “Christian” that caustically opposes homosexuality, while simultaneously enjoying driving the wrong way down the Einbahnstraße?