Y Gŵr Drwg

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Y Gŵr Drwg

Christianity was late coming to most of Europe from the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. However, that said, most European people as we know them today are relatively new in the epoch of time.  With their languages forever changing.  Englisce, as we know it today, has only been spoken since the 1820s, and is a far cry from the language of its ancestors.  With, Christianity first coming to Prydain/Britain according to Gildas the Wise (500-570 CE) and attested by the Catholic scholar Cardinal Baronius (1538-1607 CE) arrived c. 35 CE.  Which was during the reign of Tiberius Caesar (14-37 CE).  Yet, the first Englisce Christians, the Jutes followed some six centuries later, whilst the Old Saxons of Germany were still Pagans in the 8th-century and Europe as we know it had not yet taken place.  (The ancestors of the Englisce were still in phase 1, of gobbledygook.   Phase 2 came after more than twenty Germanic tribes amalgamated their languages after the 1066 conquest of Engla londe or Engla Lande or Englalonde and variant names that stayed from the 11th-century to the early 16th-century.) Not forgetting that Norway did not get its independence from Denmark until 17 May 1814, Italy 1870.  The world nations as we know it are forever changing.

The Devil has several names within the Englisce language: Satan, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, the Evil One, Old Nick, Lord of the Flies, as well as Beelzebub from the Hebrew is found in the Englisce Dictionary, etc. Yet, in Europe he is known by different names:

Cymraeg/Welsh: Y Gŵr Drwg

French: Le diable

Italian: Diavolo

Spanish: diablo

Galacian: Diaño

Dutch: Duive

Frisian: Duvel

German: Teufel

Danish: Djævel

Norwegian: Djevel

Swedish: Djevel

Finish: Perkele

Basque: Deabrua

Czech: ďábel 

Polish: Diabeł, to name just a few. And these other nations also have more than one name for the Devil, which in my ancient language we call Y Gŵr Drwg meaning the Bad Man.

Mention the (Englisce) term Hell to a Christian and you will get a response of fear and loathing of the supposed abode of the Devil.  Yet, like most things Christian, Hell is a west Christian invention along with the term fear.  Both terms used by the Church of old to keep the faithful in check and to maintain their reliance on the church for their spiritual safety.  It was good PR as it maintained the faithful’s trust and brought in unsuspecting converts.  Who had been brainwashed by roving Christian zealots who put the fear of Hell and purgatory into Pagans on their Christianising mission?

The Christian doctrine of Hell derives from passages in the Englisce New Testament. The word Hell does not appear in the original Greek New Testament; instead, one of three words is used: the Greek words Tartarus or Hades, or the Hebrew word Gehinnom.  Yet, the true meaning of Hell from its Germanic root literally “concealed place” (compare Old Norse hellir “cave, cavern”), from PIE root *kel- (1) “to cover, conceal, save.”https://www.etymonline.com/word/hell 

Christianity has a lot to answer for with its inventions of words and terms to keep its rank and file mentally abused to its invented doctrines.  

Annwn (otherworld in Welsh mythology) is our name for Hell, which is ruled by Arawn and watched over by Cŵn Annwn/Hounds of Annwn.  

(J. R. R. Tolkien used in his “Middle-Earth” mythology the word “annún” as a term in the elvish language Sindarin (phonologically inspired by Welsh) meaning “west” or “sunset” (corresponding to the Quenya “Andúnë”), often referring figuratively to the “True West”, i.e. the blessed land of Aman beyond the Sea, the Lonely Island “Tol Eressëa”, or, (in the later mannish usage) to the drowned island of Númenor. This is an example of Tolkien’s method of world-building, by “explaining the true meaning” of various real-world words by assigning them an alternative “elvish” etymology.



Has your nation or even family got his own name for the Devil?

What do you say on Hell, does your nation have a different term?

If you believe in Christian fairy tales do you believe in Elves and fairies at the bottom of your garden?



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