I AM BORED – So Tell Me What Are These Qanon Conspiracies?

Besides the batshit crazy things US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has spouted which somehow ended up with Jewish space lasers burning down forest. We could just make this all about this one person… but no that would be over kill. I am quite worried that there are many people who would still vote her back into office or there might actually be someone who is much worst than her in that district. It either takes a mentally unstable person or someone who has truly been inspired to be political to run for any form of office.

I could even ask the questions, “Do you believe President Trump fall into the Qanon crowd or did he attempt to influence an already poisoned crowd? Did he then drink the Kool-Aid so to speak himself?” but again we’ve been down the beaten path of Trump and the Jan 6th Capitol attack.

I’ve been seeing documentaries popping up all over trying to explain Q and those who follow this cult. When I look at these type of cord cutting click bait on Netflix I know it will come from someone’s off beat perspective with a narrative. They have to pick the ultra wacko to keep it interesting… and they will never give you what you want so you will want to come back for more. Jerks.

So here I am wondering, what are these so called conspiracy theories, besides the Jewish space lasers… or the whole Trump really is President and this is all a coverup. Yes I heard that one and it’s just really weird…

What have you heard and do you honestly know anyone who believes this crap? I want to know how far have people been going and is this a sign that we have been over looking mental health in our nation?

Also I have another unique politically polarizing question here… if you feel Qanon is more right leaning what do you feel is the left leaning idealism of Qanon?

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