Atheists and Christians Have Something In Common: Both Are Agnostics

  • Approved ~ Lord Løki

Both Christian and Atheists are Agnostics.

The proposition is simple, straightforward…and incontrovertible.

1. An Atheist does not and cannot know for certain God does not exist.

2. A Christian does not and cannot know for certain God exists.

Each can only say their beliefs are favoured by the probability of being true, not by the certainty of their being true.

It stands to reason, therefore that any and all followers of organised religion are agnostics…Islam, Judaism, Jainism etc. etc….the list is endless.

And this, curiously, puts Atheists and Christians in the same boat…

…we are each expressing an opinion when we declare against or for the notion of the existence of God.

Those opinions may be buttressed by belief, or by faith…and yet, they remain opinion, not certainty.

Do read the article associated with this OP to see how this is true every bit as much for thoughtful Christians as it is for Atheists.


1. Are there any flaws in the proposition put forward here, that both Atheists and Christians are Agnostics?


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