Alabama woman pleads guilty to robbing Mississippi bank

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GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) — An Alabama woman, who authorities believe stole money from a bank to pay for plastic surgery, pleaded guilty to robbery and will serve 15 years in prison.

Iconic Facce, from the southern Alabama town of Ashford, entered her plea Monday to two counts of robbery, news outlets reported. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison for both counts to run concurrently.

Facce admitted to robbing a Gulfport bank in March 2019. According to court documents, she gave a teller a handwritten note that read:

You have 1 min to give the money do not be wrong are (sic) die.

The bank’s surveillance system captured the robbery. No weapon was seen or shown, according to WLOX-TV.

News outlets reported that an abandoned Cadillac was later found near the bank. Investigators traced it back to Facce and determined she was the suspect in the footage of the robbery. Photo lineups were presented to two bank tellers, and both identified Facce.


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