Fraternal Order of Police issues ‘no confidence’ vote for Chicago Mayor, Police Superintendent

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s long awaited civilian oversight plan is said to be ready, just a day after the Fraternal Order of Police issued a no confidence vote for the mayor, Supt. David Brown and his second in command.

Video Transcript

ERIK RUNGE: There is no love lost between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and FOP President John Catanzara. The two have been publicly critical of each other since they were both elected. Catanzara has also butted heads with police superintendent, David Brown. But the FOP’s vote of no confidence last night for both the Mayor, Brown, and his second in command, Eric Carter, came we’re told from about 200 rank in file members.

…The second part of the no confidence vote was the working conditions for our officers for the better part of a year now. And a lack of consideration for family life, social life.

ERIK RUNGE: Working without a contract for more than three years, the FOP president says the city and department regularly cancel days off and make officers work 12 hour shifts as just in case something may happen, not for an actual emergency. Catanzara says it is upending members lives and eroding what little morale is left in the Department.

JOHN CATANZARA: It’s become a recurring theme for the last several years that every holiday is going to be canceled because they are trying to keep the numbers down. The numbers still come no matter what. I mean, we had record overtime last year. But yet in July, we had record numbers. In one day we had 21 homicides. So what did that overtime accomplish? Nothing.


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