Heretics: Lived a Purer Life Than Other Christians!

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Heretics: Lived a Purer Life Than Other Christians!

Modern-day Catholic and Protestant devotees are not responsible for the heinous past crimes their religions did in the name of their God. Yet, their clergy, priesthood or ecclesiastics call them what you will, cannot say the same. For they are propagating falsehoods about their faith being innocent in the past. As they would be exceedingly knowledgable about their churches history through religious seminars, universities, etc., etc. More so for church hierarchy, with titles such as being a Divine, or abbreviated titles D.D., B.D, J.C.D., LL.D. Who will know the history of their religion from its so-call origin? The Roman Church would no doubt claim its origin from Jesus! However, that was a 3rd-century concept when they saw older Apostolic churches in the East having an apostolic See, and Rome wanted one of their own!

Those who have been following my posts will be aware that I have previously claimed that before the birth of the Reformation c. 1521, that Catholicism was the sole religion in the West. However, there were certain other Christian religious communities here and there in Europe, mainly from the 12th-century onward. Sects such as the Cathars aka Albergencians, Waldensians, Gazari, Paulicians, Petrobrussians, poor men of Lyon, Lombards, etc. All these sects were seen as heretics who preached a form of pure Christianity untouched by Paganism. 

The scholar and cleric Dowling writing about the testimony given by Evervinnus, a zealot papist on how Catholic clergy perceived the Waldenses, the so-called heretics wrote: Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, at the beginning of the twelfth century, relative to the doctrine and manners of these heretics is exceedingly valuable…though he immediately commenced a strenuous opposition to these rebels against the Pope, is yet compelled by truth to give the following testimony to their irreproachable life and manners. “If,” says he, “you ask them of their faith, nothing can be more Christian-like; if you observe their conversation, nothing can be more blameless, and what they speak they make good by their actions. You may see a man for the testimony of his faith frequent the church, honor the elders, offer his gift, make his confession, receive the sacrament. What more like a Christian? As to life and manners, he circumvents no man, over-reaches no man, does violence to no man. He fasts much and eats not the bread of idleness; but works with his hands for his support.” Other Roman Catholic writers give the same testimony to the irreproachable lives and morals of the Waldenses. Thus Claudius, archbishop of Turin, writes, “their heresy excepted, they generally live a purer life than other Christians.” And again, “in their lives, they are perfect, irreproachable, and without reproach among men, addicting themselves, with all their might, to the service of God.” This testimony is the more valuable from the fact that the prelate who wrote it, notwithstanding the acknowledged excellent characters of these heretics, joined in hunting and persecuting them to death, because they would neither submit to the absurdities and impieties of Rome, nor acknowledge the usurped authority of the popes. The sum and substance of their offence is mentioned by Cassini, a Franciscan friar, where he says ” that all the errors of these Waldenses consisted in this, that they denied the church of Rome to be the holt MOTHER CHURCH, AND WOULD NOT OBEY HER TRADITIONS.”[John Dowling (1846), The History of Romanism: from the earliest corruptions of Christianity to the present time, BK. V, Ch. VI, pp. 299-301, Edward Walker, New York]

Dowling gives more Catholic citations on these so-called heretics, yet the Church of Rome still, took vengeance out on these Christians because they would not accept the doctrines of Rome. One million Cathars were slaughtered nay butchered by the papal crusade against these supposed heretics, between 1209 and 1229 in the Languedoc region of southern France.  What is more the Papacy paid for the heretical crusade by confiscating their wealth and property of Heretics before putting them to the burning stake and sword?

All except the Waldenses perished under the Vatican heretic genocidal policy. Today the Waldensians are acknowledged as a proto-Protestant sect with affiliations worldwide.

Before Martin Luther’s Protestant Reform, a hundred years and more, saw John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Jerome of Prague, etc., as the proto-Reformers.  Martin Luther the father of Lutherism was himself a racist antisemitic bigot.  John Calvin, the French reformer was the father of Calvinism and a known murderer of Michael Servetus, who was a Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer, and Renaissance humanist.

2015, in a ceremony in Turin Pope Francis, asked forgiveness for the Catholic Church’s past persecutions of the Waldensians.  However, Pope Francis did not beg forgiveness from the Cathars aka Albergencians, Gazari, Paulicians, Petrobrussians, poor men of Lyon, Lombards, etc.   The millions of innocents dead that have no one to speak on their behalf for their genocide for being Good Christians who were pure in heart for their God! What do you say about all this and a God that allowed such atrocities to happen in his name?  


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