Brilliant: Trump Begins Running 2024 Campaign Ads On Gas Pumps

U.S.—Well, it looks like the 2024 presidential race is kicking off, with former (and possibly future) President Donald Trump running his first set of ads on the television screens at gas pumps across the nation.

The ads began running this week, and mostly feature the politician and real estate mogul asking people if they miss him yet. They play on a loop over and over again as people at the pumps fill up their cars, paying the highest prices they’ve paid for gas in many years.

“Miss me yet?” Trump says in the 30-second spot. “If I were you, I’d miss me. I’m the most missable person, really. Everyone says so, all the best people. I tried to warn you. I tried to warn you people what would happen. But no, you didn’t listen, and now you’re paying five bucks for gas.