Driver Harasses Boat With Gay Pride Flag, Instantly Regrets it

“Karma has a way of taking care of situations.”

A group of boaters got a fiery, soggy dose of karma when they had to be rescued by the very people they were harassing.

TikTok user @UhOhBigBoi posted a video on Memorial Day, in which he claimed he and a group of friends were enjoying a day out on the water, when it was interrupted by some rather obnoxious fellow boaters.

The user claimed the other boat began spinning circles around them and trying to provoke them, after spotting they were flying Gay Pride flags aboard their vessel; indeed the footage even shows a female passenger of the trio on the back of the boat, flipping them off with a big smirk.

The smirk doesn’t last long alas, as the clip then cuts to the three occupants floundering desperately in the water, as they try to get away from their boat, now billowing black smoke.

The three can only haplessly float and watch as their speedboat goes up in flames. A firefighting boat is subsequently seen dousing the fully aflame vessel, until all that remains is a charred wreck.


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were. #pride #lgbtq #boat #Fail #Karma #Gay #hate #sorrynotsorry

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

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