A request for Biblical wisdom

Bored by bashing the bumper book of balderdash,
I thought to have sought for a wisdom of sorts,
And so I come to you all with my hands open and outstretched…
I open my mind as far as I can stretch it and prepare to be completely bowled over by the strength of Christian showing in response to this request.

As I phrased it to a fine fellow not so long hence:

Name your top three pieces of wisdom that have entered into humanity thanks to the writers of the old or new testaments… and you cannot have anything from the new that is only doing some good on account of ameliorating something from the old.

So… come on peeps… let’s hear it!

P.S. I shall not be impressed by instructions to love others as thyself, for instance, since they are not something unique or original to the Bible except in their very specific phraseology. Nor do I accept that believing that most people deserve Hell is in any way compatible with loving them.

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