Poll shows 71% of Democrats STILL believe people “should stay home as much as possible” to avoid catching Covid.

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Can you ever be TOO careful?

Yes. Yes you can.

Gallup cheerfully notes the good news:

“This is down from 85% in April.”

Why that’s fully fourteen percentage points less hopelessness and despair!

In contrast to Democrats, only 13% of Republicans are as terrified of living.

That’s not a gap. that’s a chasm.

Put another way, fully 87% of Republicans believe people should “live their normal lives as much as possible,” in contrast to only 29% of Democrats who believe the same (Independents come in at 64%).

What makes this even more odd is that Democrats are far more likely to be vaccinated. The 20 states with the highest vaccination rates all went to Joe Biden in 2020, while 19 of the 21 states with the lowest vaccination rates all went to Trump.

Further, as Polumbo writes in the above Newsweek article:

Basically, the vaccinated have nothing to fear from COVID-19. According to LA County public health officials, “only 0.00036% of fully vaccinated people went on to die from the virus.” So there’s absolutely no fact-based reason why fully vaccinated adults should continue living in fear and hiding in their homes.

The group with the highest vaccination rate, with a vaccine that is highly effective, remains by far the most fearful of Covid.

Remember this?

Good, because he doesn’t.


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