Frenchman sentenced to 4 months in jail for slapping Emmanuel Macron

The man who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron revealed he attacked the leader because of the “decay of our country” — as he was sent to jail for four months at a hearing Wednesday.

A court slapped Damien Tarel, 28, an aficionado of medieval swordsmanship and martial arts, with a sentence of 18 months in the slammer, but 14 of those months were suspended, Reuters reported.

Earlier, Tarel told the court in Valence that he was a right-wing sympathizer and had considered pelting Macron with an egg or a cream tart, according to BFM TV.

“I think that Macron represents very neatly the decay of our country,” Tarel told the court. “If I had challenged Macron to a duel at sunrise, I doubt he would have responded.”

In requesting an 18-month jail term for Tarel, the public prosecutor called his brazen attack “absolutely unacceptable” and “an act of deliberate violence.”

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