Former Prison Sergeant Who Traded Female Inmate McDonald’s for Oral Sex Is Now an Inmate Himself

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A former prison sergeant in Minnesota was sentenced to 120 days in jail followed by seven years of probation for trading a McDonald’s meal in exchange for oral sex from a female prisoner he was transporting, multiple local news outlets reported.

Dakota County District Judge Tim Wermager on Wednesday handed down the sentence to 54-year-old Randy Beehler, who in March pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a detainee, per a report from Pioneer Press.

In addition to jail time and probation, Judge Wermager ordered Beehler to participate in a sex offender treatment program and to register as a predatory sex offender.

According to the report, the female detainee then indicated that she would “do anything” if she could also have some food. Beehler allegedly responded by asking if that included her sitting in the passenger seat and “fooling around” with him. When she answered in the affirmative, he ordered food at a nearby McDonald’s drive-through then parked next to an abandoned building where he uncuffed her and told her to join him in the front of the transport van for sex, the complaint stated, adding that the two also engaged in sexual behavior while driving through Dakota County.

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