Maricopa County Responds To Senate Via Snarky Twitter Post – Makes False Claims About Audit and Fails to Prove Why Audit Is Wrong

Instead of coming clean and answering questions raised in Thursday’s Arizona audit hearing, Maricopa County officials are tweeting jabs at the audit and weakly fact-checking the audit revelations with their own unsubstantiated claims.

They found 74,243 mail-in ballots with NO clear record of them ever being sent, 168,000 ballots were incorrectly printed, 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election, and more.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann replied with the same question everyone else has, why will they not work with the auditors and provide truthful information so that we can secure our elections?

Arizona State senators are sick and tired of Maricopa County pulling this Twitter crap, instead of coming to the table like adults and cooperating.

The County has been tweeting baseless claims since the meeting concluded and they refuse to provide real answers or subpoenaed evidence.

Senator Kelly Townsend knew this would happen and she is preparing to open a criminal investigation into the County with Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

AZ State Sen Kelly Townsend: Demands AG Brnovich Investigate AZ Audit Findings After County’s Bogus Response

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