Kentucky Republicans likely to break with McConnell on infrastructure

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Kentucky Republicans appear poised to split with Sen. Mitch McConnell on the bipartisan infrastructure package when they return to Congress in late September.

Most of the commonwealth’s five GOP U.S. House members are expected to cast votes against the approximately $1.2 trillion bill for roads, bridges, public transportation and waterways, framing it as wasteful and a permission slip for Democrats to clear their larger budget priorities.

Rep. Andy Barr of Lexington explained his opposition as an objection to Democrats’ two-step strategy to muscle through a $3.5 trillion social spending package as a condition for approving the Senate’s infrastructure legislation.

“I will continue to oppose this process until these two so-called infrastructure bills are delinked and Congress focuses solely on upgrading roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure instead of engineering a permanent socialist state,” Barr said in a statement to McClatchy.

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