Ignorance and Biblical Bigotry

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Ignorance and Biblical Bigotry

Reading about the new Texas state law on abortion brings to mind Puritan draconian laws and how early Christianity removed women from preaching over men. Islam, doing the same thing in the 7th-century and moving women out of a male bastion and hidden them out of sight in their male-dominated mosques at pray time.

What would Jesus say about this as he is mentioned second only to Paul in the New Testament and is a Prophet in the Quran? Yet, all done in the name of God/Allah.  

The Texas anti-Abortion act was proposed and passed by Christians, who wrongly believed they were enacting a bill to a mythical law of their God. They were passing a law for Christian backed anti-abortion league. A selfish act, discriminating against those of different faiths and women in general. They are ignorant of their scriptures, and probably most have never read the Bible from cover to cover.


The answer to what Jesus would say is irreverent as he would probably be ignorant about any of the facts today. What is know of Jesus was written by Gentile Christians who put him on a pedestal as a loving, caring God who is three, but one according to the trinity! 


Yet, all this contradicts the Bible on Jesus and abortions. 

Jesus in the scriptures, both canonical and non-canonical, Jesus is a very different person from the teachings you and I received.  

From the very start, all the families of biblical personages were dysfunctional right from the so-called get-go. From Adam and Eve and their sons Cain and Able Genesis 4:1-18, Noah and Ham Genesis 9:20-27, Lot and his daughters Genesis 19:8, Isaac and his sons Genesis 27, Jacob and his twelve sons Genesis 37:3. The Jesus family was no different. Joseph and Mary left their 12-year-old son behind in Jerusalem. What sort of family does not check that their child is with them at all times—a dysfunctional one. Luke 2:41-46  To his family, Jesus had gone MAD and possessed by the Devil. Mark 3:21-22   Not only that, his brothers did not believe in him!  John 7:5  According to the three Synoptic Gospels, Mary, the mother of Jesus, did not attend the crucifixion.  Matthew 27:55-56; Mark 15:40-41; Luke 23:49  Only the later Gospel of John has Mary at the foot of the cross, yet, the Synoptic Gospels and the consensus say that the witnesses to the crucifixion were looking from afar (next valley over).

Biblical Abortion and Life Starts With The First Breath

Where God allows abortions on women—in what is called the unfaithful wife? Whilst the wife is to say ‘Amen, so be it.’ Done without evidence as only the husband’s word is needed for the priest to perform the abortion Numbers 5:11-21. All this is done to women while the priest curses them. Also, life starts at the first breath, Genesis 2:7. Meaning that a fetus is not a viable human until it takes its first breath. So says God!

I have used solely biblical citations in this post to show the errors of these wayward Lawmakers whose bigoted law against women is not justified or legal in any modern society of freethought. What do you say should bigotry and blind ignorance rule the world?







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