Wholesale Invasion USA

Waves of illegal immigrants flood across the U.S. southern border – with no end in sight.

The Biden administration is aiding and abetting a wholesale invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants, with no idea of whether they are infected with COVID-19 or not. The waves of illegal immigrants, encouraged by President Biden’s open-border policies, keep coming, with no end in sight.

Last month an estimated 20,000 Haitian immigrants entered the country illegally in successive groups that overwhelmed border control agents. The Haitians huddled close together in squalid conditions under the International Bridge in the border town of Del Rio, Texas. They weren’t immediately tested – or vaccinated – for COVID-19.  

That’s on top of the more than a million U.S. Customs and Border Protection Patrol encounters with illegal immigrants along the southwest border with Mexico from the time the Biden administration took office through August 2021.

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