Fox News Turns 25

Fox News debuted 25 years ago, and since then has become one of the most watched and most controversial cable news channels. The Onion looks back at key moments in Fox News’ 25-year history.

1996: Network debuts as conservative alternative to the conservative television landscape.

1998: Local man Simon Everett decides on whim to check out Fox News, beginning an irreversible tailspin of mental, social, and moral decline.

2000: Fox sees 440% viewership increase, making it the most-watched news-ish channel.

2001: Becomes first news channel to use continuous news ticker at bottom of screen, allowing network to lie about multiple stories simultaneously.

2004: Bill O’Reilly parts with a few million dollars in hush money.

2007: Only fucking thing playing on cardio room TVs.

2009: CEO Roger Ailes celebrates milestone 500th junior producer cornered.

2012: Even gold coin and catheter ads begin attacking President Obama for Benghazi.

2021: Ratings dip while many viewers are out storming U.S. Capitol.

2021: Sean Hannity publicly announces opposition to Covid vaccine with vaccine syringe sticking out of arm.

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