Scientists Recreate Abiogenesis Experiment, Make New Discovery

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Scientists Recreate Abiogenesis Experiment, Make New Discovery

We Look At Life From Both Sides Now

Eliminate The Negative:
How can you call those tests successful in the original of life? Life was not created. All that was created were 22 amino acids, five amines, and several hydroxylated molecules. None of that is life. The experiment did not show how any of that would create a living cell.

This amino acids then have to somehow combine into proteins which then have to bend themselves and combine into dna and so on.

That also does not explain how any thing created would survive on a primitive earth. Oxygen would destroy it, solar radiation would destroy it and even water would destroy it.

Also, the amino acids that were created were both left and right versions would destroy themselves.

Not saying this test isn’t interesting but don’t go jumping ahead!

Accentuate The Positive:
In hours in a small beaker it did all this!

What do you think billions of years in a planet wide ocean can do, with unfathomable trillions or quadrillions of repetitions?

The fluke of self-replication only needs to come together once…not to mention bound amino acids and RNA/DNA components are more stable than the unbound forms

1. Did elements on Earth create the first live organism?
2. Did God make the primordial soup?
3. Is abiogenesis a religious or scientific issue?

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