Fox claimed Biden’s policies are responsible for surging gas prices 102 times in 3 days

Fox News is desperate to pin rising gas prices on President Joe Biden. Over a three-day period from November 8-10, Fox News hosts, anchors, and guests claimed at least 102 times that Biden’s policies — including the fate of oil pipeline Line 5, which is under an environmental review — have and will further increase the price of gas.

Before Biden was even elected, Fox suggested that a Biden presidency would mean higher gas prices. And as the prices started to rise in March and through the summer, in response to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and rising demand, Fox News and right-wing media were quick to blame the rebounding gas prices on Biden’s climate agenda. Since October, price volatility has been further exacerbated by big producers’ refusal to increase production to address prices in the U.S.

And while Fox has kept up a continuous drumbeat of coverage suggesting that Biden’s climate agenda is impacting global oil prices, recent news that the administration is reviewing the impacts of replacing an oil pipeline that runs through Michigan has sent bad faith actors intent on tanking Biden’s presidency — and his climate agenda — into overdrive. Fox has framed this news as another possible action that would reduce supply.