College Football Playoff takeaways: How Oregon’s loss changes everything

Undefeated Cincinnati. One-loss Notre Dame. One-loss Oklahoma State — and Oklahoma. A two-loss Alabama that loses to Georgia in the SEC title game.

Their chances of entering the debate on Selection Day, Dec. 5, just got better now that the Pac-12 and ACC champions are both guaranteed to have at least two losses.

The immediate impact of Oregon’s loss could be glaring on Tuesday when the selection committee releases its fourth of six rankings. While No. 1 Georgia holds steady, Ohio State could rise to No. 2 after hammering Michigan State, Alabama could sink one spot to No. 3 after a close win against Arkansas, and No. 4 could be historic — or wildly unpopular — for Cincinnati fans.


Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Notre Dame…

Who’s your top 6?

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