Vigilante Known as ‘Stockton Batman’ Claims He Apprehended Double Murder Suspect

The vigilante boasts of nabbing hundreds of bad guys, from suspected arsonists to shoplifters.

The vigilante known as the Stockton Batman appears to have added another notch to his utility belt.

The mysterious figure, who claims to have nabbed hundreds of criminals in the mid-California city, may have made his biggest collar yet with the apprehension of a double murder suspect.

On November 16, a video posted by local news site 209 Times — narrated by the presumably-caped crusader himself — shows the moment the blood-covered suspect is taken into custody in Salas Park:

“So I was doing my own investigation this morning,” the disappointingly non-gravel voiced narrator explains in the video. “A double homicide came over the scanner, right after I dropped the kids off to school. And so I checked it out.”

Displaying his skills as the world’s other “greatest detective”, Stockton Batman describes how he found suspicious items, like clothing in the bathroom trashcan, while his wife found “something heavy” in the trashcan of the women’s bathroom.

“And then we see this guy wobbling with blood on him. And he’s acting real funny and suspicious about what’s going on.”

In a second video, titled “‘Bruce Wayne’ Detains Possible Double Homicide Suspect in Lodi”, Stockton Batman reveals he recognized the transient from his Rogue’s Gallery, because he used to pick up cigarette butts in front of his yard:

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