**DEBATE CLUB** Die Hard is not a Christmas film! Age-old debate is finally put to bed

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Is your Christmas dinner table plagued by the same debates every year? Are you looking to settle the family infighting once and for all? Then you are in the right place as new research has attempted to settle the debate on whether or not Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie.

Over the last few decades, people across the world have been debating on this one.

The camp that supports the Bruce Willis movie as a holiday classic argues that the story kicks off from an office Christmas party. There is also lots of Christmas music, discussion of presents and it even snows at the end, which has not happened in Los Angeles since 1962.

Those against this classification believe that Dia Hard cannot count as a Christmas movie because as an action movie, it does not carry the feel-good fuzzy feelings of classics like Love Actually, Home Alone or The Holiday.

**DEBATE CLUB** Die Hard is not a Christmas film! Age-old debate is finally put to bed

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