All Biblical Families are either Dysfunctional, Maladaptive, Maladjusted, Defective or Impaired. 

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All Biblical Families are either Dysfunctional, Maladaptive,

Maladjusted, Defective or Impaired. 

Christian Apocrypha gospels and literature say that Mary begs her son to save her husband, Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. There is no record that he did so, so we have to concede that he did not intervene to bring life back to his father. Did all this unpleasantness create a rift between mother and son, as we see in the biblical text of this dysfunctional family? We see a marked drop in family civility as Jesus refers to his mother disrespectfully as ‘Woman’ John 2:4  and Mary and family saw Jesus as being ‘Mad!’ Mark 3:21 That Jesus also wanted to split family and friends. Matthew 10:34-39 Worse was to come as Mary does not attend her son’s execution. She is absent at the crucifixion from all three synoptic gospels. Matthew 27:55-56; Mark 15:40-41; Luke 23:49  Only the pro-Samaritan Gospel of John, albeit decades later acknowledging that Mary was at the foot of the cross. Was Jesus failure to revive his dying father the catalyst why Mary’s was absent from the synoptic crucifixions of her son? If you think that the Jesus family was the only dysfunctional family in the Bible, you will sadly be wrong, very wrong!

From the very beginning, the Adam family to the Jesus family, we see malfunctional households. The Adam and Eve story are full of murder, lust and incest. With brother killing brother (Genesis 4:1-18), and brother marrying sister. If we take the view of conservative Christians, then Father mates with daughters and mother with sons and vice versa. 

Noah was a drunkard and liked to sleep in the nude, his son Ham saw his father naked and drunk as a skunk, and in the morning, when Noah woke from his drunken stupor, he cursed his son Ham. (Genesis 9:20-27

Also, in the book of Genesis, we read about Lot and his daughter, who both get pregnant after raping their father Genesis 19:35-36 Was this a vendetta by the daughter because their father Lot was willing to have them both raped by all the men of Sodom. Genesis 19:8  It appears that Sodom was a gay town as the townsmen wanted to have sex with the two angels in Lot’s house.

Isaac’s son Jacob (one of Isaac’s twin boys) swindled Esau (the other twin) out of his birthright. Genesis 27

Jacob, who had 12 sons who bought a new coat for his youngest son Joseph (the coat of many colours) and the other brothers did not like it so—Joseph had to go! Genesis 37:3

King David’s family was the ultimate mess. His firstborn son Amnon was a rapist (2 Samuel 13), his second-born Absalom tried to take his father’s kingship and slept with his wives. His seventh born Solomon just married everyone he wanted to take to bed.

It is a never-ending story throughout the scriptures of dysfunctional families as we return to the Jesus family.

Joseph and Mary left 12-year-old son Jesus behind in Jerusalem. Luke 2:41-46  What sort of family does not check that their child is with them at all times—a dysfunctional one. 

On a lighter note!

After reading all the literature on Jesus, both canonical and non-canonical as well, as a Christian text, it is a wonder that Jesus survived to the age of 31 (synoptic gospels) or 33 years of age according to the gospel of John. For myself, his antics at the Jerusalem Temple age 12 would have been his end. Yet, reading the written word, one has to feel sorry for Jesus, age 12 with such a family, a dad in his 90s and a mother that could not be much older than 25 years old. No wonder the mother had an eye for a young man in a Roman uniform with knobbly knees.

Poor little Jesus. He couldn’t ask his aged father to come out and play ball, or have a race or do fun exercise. Joseph most probably spent most of his leisure time napping in his favourite rocking chair, built when he was an apprentice to a Philistine all those years ago, what do you say?


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