**DEBATE CLUB** Navy Vet’s Opinion

During the later Vietnam years I discovered CRT even if it didn’t have that label at the time. When looking at the officer corps minorities were nearly non existent. When we looked at congress, the VAST majority was white. When we looked at the excuses that kept people out of the “war” the OVERWHELMING majority were white. When looking at combat troops that perception didn’t hold true. As a fledgling journalist at the time I had many minorities pointing out the discriminators wanting me to investigate and report on it. As time went by the minorities passed among themselves that “this” guy LISTENS. In a few instances I paid dearly for my “white trash traitor” reporting, but in most cases my superiors listened until Admirals and President J. Carter took action com batting racism throughout the Government Services Administration. So, let’s not teach that because it involves CRT ? HORSE HOCKEY !!

Navy Vet

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