The Gospel according to Dan T

In the alternate universe in which I am a pop star, all the alternate yous are grooving to my song “I wanna make it to sunrise.” In that song, an average Joe’s life is interrupted when the LORD commands him to start preaching an ecumenical gospel. The song goes in part:

So the message I am giving

Is that if you want good living

Then be doing some forgiving 

‘Cause it eases all the pain

Of a world that’s full of trauma

Every kind of melodrama

All your issues with your mama

That are driving you insane

By now it’s not news that the word “gospel” derives from the Old English words meaning “good news.” I recently remarked that the Pope is unpopular in many quarters because he preaches the gospel. Just like Jesus was unpopular with the stick-up-their-asses Sadducees and Pharisees because he preached the gospel. So the big question is…what exactly is the gospel?

Here’s my opinion. The gospel that Jesus preached and that the Pope preaches is basically this:

The rules are great, they’re fine, they’re needed. But they aren’t what it’s really all about. Here’s what it’s really about. God loves you. So love. God forgives you. So forgive. And let nothing–nothing!–get in the way of doing so.

Now, I’m aware that you can find scriptures that will paint a different picture. And I’m aware that God as presented in the Bible is hardly a model of loving parenthood. But, details! Look at the overall thrust of what Jesus was saying. I think I’ve summarized it pretty well.


  1. Whaddya think of my formulation?
  2. Who are today’s Sadduces and Pharisees?
  3. I’m an atheist. So for me, you have to remove God from the equation and you end up with this: “Love. Forgive. And let nothing get in the way of doing so.” Is that a good message for an atheist?
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