NEVER FORGET: Democrats Rioted, Attacked, Beat Trump Supporters During Their Insurrection at President Trump’s Inauguration (VIDEO)

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In November 2016 following Donald Trump’s presidential victory, the anti-American ANSWER Coalition, a Socialist group, announced its plans to mass protest in Washington DC during Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

In January 2017 far-left protesters announced during a publicized conference that their goal for the Trump inauguration was to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Protesters from Disrupt J20 had several events organized to disrupt the Trump Inauguration the following week.

Inauguration Protesters Want To Prevent The Peaceful Transition Of Power – YouTube

The group announced several activities including protesting the DeploraBall on Thursday night and numerous protests on Inauguration Day.

Then on President Trump’s Inauguration Day leftists rioted, attacked, blocked entrances to, and attempted to shut down President Trump’s Inauguration.

The Gateway Pundit released exclusive video from that day earlier this year.


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