The New Revelations of The Magicians at The Nativity

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The New Revelations of The Magicians at The Nativity

The Gospel of Matthew is the earliest surviving record of these mysterious Magi who visited Jesus as a baby or was it a young child—the other three Gospels do not mention this occurrence. No references to their visit in any other New Testament book. However, in the last few decades, an ancient manuscript was discovered in the Vatican Library claims to be a first-person account of the Magi who visited Jesus. It’s referred to as The Revelation of the Magi. While the existing copy is an 8th century CE Syriac manuscript, scholars believe the original account may have been composed as early as the middle of the 2nd century CE. This document, unfortunately, does not give us all the answers about the Magi (plural) Magus (singular).  Magi’s true and only meaning in English from the Greek term Magi, and it is not the Thee kings or worse still the wise men, its true meaning is Magicians pl. or Magician sing.  It was totally against Jewish Law to have anything to do with Magicians/Sorcerers.

(You have all probably heard of Simon Magus or Simon the Magician, the person Peter defeated in Acts 8:9-24.  Simon Magus was never referred to as Simon the king or the wise man! Using the term wise men or three kings is sheer hypocrisy on the part of Christianity!)

The Magi story makes a mockery of the Roman tax that Joseph so-called had to pay hundreds of miles for his home, or Herod the great’s so-called slaughter of boys under the age of two and the fleeing of the carpenter family to Egypt after Joseph’s dream. Or the so-called wise men visited Jesus at the stable on the night of His birth. The so-called wise men possibly came years later. Matthew 2:11 says the Magi came and worshipped Jesus in a house, not at the stable. We know from the story that the Magi were from ‘the East,’ most likely Persia, or modern-day Iran. Meaning the Magi travelled 800 to 900 miles to see the baby, Jesus.  Every biblical scholar knows this story is a late addition to the Bible. 

This 2nd/8th-century manuscript on the Magi story is seen as pseudepigrapha as not written by the actual Magi who visited Jesus. Although, it reflects 2nd-century knowledge of those Magi. The story claims that the Magi visited Jesus were a large group—at least twelve men rather than three—of monk-like mystics from a distant land called Shir at the shore of the Great Ocean. And descendants of Seth who had been awaiting a centuries-old prophecy that a brilliant star would one day appear to herald the birth of God in human form. This prophecy is a possible reference to the star mentioned by Balaam and perhaps a veiled reference in Isaiah (Numbers 24:17; Isaiah 60:3). 

Rules for Becoming a Sanhedrin to Hunt down the Magi!

Being a Magus/Magician was contrary to Jewish Law. As the Sanhedrin must also be masters of sorcery, i.e., they know the nature of sorcery so that they can judge sorcerers. Sanhedrin 17a-21. See chapter 21.  What do you say?




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