“Let’s Go Brandon”

During a lighthearted festive discussion, Joe Biden and his wife were there to discuss NORAD tracking Santa Claus as he made his way around the world, delivering joy to people everywhere. A call from an Oregon father ended with the words, “Let’s go Brandon”, a reference to racer Brandon Brown–a reporter incorrectly described a chant of “Fuck Joe Biden” as “Let’s go Brandon”. Even Christmas is not safe from such a minced oath.

However, this opinion article of mine is to reference “FJB” and how it’s actually not the devastating retort those who use it think it is.

Let’s remember what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a President of the United States–leader of one-third of the US government, and held in check by the other two branches–the same as each of the other two branches are held in check respectively by the other two branches. What is a president?

Well, my view is that a president is a tool–a resource we have, as the American people, to get things we want done. He or she is there to put into force and enforce laws that we want. If the individual does not do as we request, they will be gone once their term is up, to be replaced by another individual. And so on and so on. Eventually, we’ll get what we, as a society, want from our representatives in government.

And make no mistake: They are representatives of us. They are our employees. We rule over them.

And so, I say, if Joe Biden does not do as we request of him, then Let’s Go Brandon, indeed.

What do you think? Do you believe this “my team, right or wrong” is a good thing or a bad thing? Should we cheerlead someone simply because they’re “on our team” and boo someone who is “on their team”? I don’t believe so, but I’d like to hear what you think!

That said, I will continue to support Joe Biden as president so long as he’s doing things better than the alternative option, and this has nothing to do with him being “on our team”.

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