How The Church Discredited Mary Magdalen

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How The Church Discredited Mary Magdalen

Pope Gregory (I) the Great (590-604) was the first to slander Mary Magdalen as a prostitute and from that time the church has discredited the woman we call ‘The Magdalen’ in its misogynistic endeavours to make women silent in church affairs.  However, the Catholic Church admitted in 1969 that this had been an error of interpretation.  A church error that had lasted for almost 1,400 years. Religion seems so quick to malign, but slow to amend or correct a fault as history is it witness.

Those that follow or read my discussions will know that I have posted from time to time that many parts of the Bible openly replaced by faked or forged text.  From verses to certain words or name which have been deliberately altered.  Such as 1 John 5:7-8, Mark 16-9-20, the name Chrestians changed to Christians, etc.  Well, we can now add the name Mary (Magdalen) to the plethora of forgeries done to the scriptures by church scribes.  However, in the case of Mary Magdalen it is not forgery as such, but to discredit the Magdalen and erase her from the Bible, especially in the fourth Gospel we call John.  Where we see the name, Mary erased, and the name Martha replaced in the Gospel of John story of Lazarus and his sisters (?).

During an interview of questions and answers over the findings of a Duke University doctrinal scholar (Elizabeth Schrader) on Greek Biblical text:

Q. To be clear, you’re arguing that Martha was not originally in the Gospel of John but has been added as a way to replace Mary Magdalene? 

A. I’m arguing that Mary Magdalene’s original role in the Fourth Gospel has been divvied up, so that she now appears as three women in John. I’m not arguing that Martha didn’t exist — she definitely belongs in the Gospel of Luke. But I do not believe she belongs in the Gospel of John. There’s too much manuscript evidence, where problems appear around Martha in nearly every scene in John in which she appears. You have to look at over 200 manuscripts at once to see this trend; only recently have hundreds of transcriptions of the Gospel of John been made available simultaneously online. I believe that’s why this evidence was overlooked previously.

Q. When you say ‘a problem around Martha,’ what precisely do you mean?

A. it manifests in lots of different ways. The most obvious one is what we have at Duke. The name ‘Mary’ has been changed to ‘Martha’ at John 11:21. It can also appear in the form we see in the first printing of the King James Bible, where only one sister is mentioned in John 11:3, whereas a modern Bible would have two sisters in that verse. And in Papyrus 66, the oldest copy we have, there are problems with Martha in five verses straight. One verse has a ‘Maria’ changed to ‘Martha,’ and in another, it appears that the name ‘Maria’ is changed to ‘the sisters,’ altering one named woman into two unnamed women. 


What do you say about how the church discredited Mary Magdalen by changing the text to suit its misogynistic doctrines?


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