Denver shooting spree suspect raged about “female premarital sex” and “male honor violence”


A Denver man suspected of killing five people on Monday night harbored “extremist views,” law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Lyndon McLeod, 47, was fatally shot during a gunfire exchange with an officer after killing five people and wounding three others during a “shooting spree” that spanned four different locations, police said.

Federal law enforcement had McLeod on their radar before the shooting, according to ABC News. Multiple law enforcement officials told the outlet that federal law enforcement was aware that he “harbored extremist views” and had a history of psychiatric episodes. Law enforcement agents are now scouring his writings to determine what motivated him to carry out Monday’s killings.

Police said they investigated the suspect last year and earlier this year in separate incidents but did not arrest him.

McLeod appears to have written about “alt-right philosophies,” masculine supremacy and targeted violence against the “weak” online, according to the Daily Beast, where he used the alias Roman McClay to operate a “plethora” of social media accounts and release three books about a character named Lyndon McLeod who “commits 46 murders.” He cited the books while criticizing a “weak” reporter who was confronted by boxer Mike Tyson in a 2014 YouTube video.

“This is basically the plot to my stupid book. Our entire society is made up of shitty little fucks who insult badasses & get away with it because law enforcement & social norms protect the WEAK from the STRONG. I’m over it,” he wrote. “The weak better buckle up … shit is about to get real.”

In various Twitter posts, McLeod complained about “modern/liberal suppression” of “male honor violence” and raged against “female premarital sex.”

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