Progressives Point and Laugh at GOP Twitter Account Calling Out Biden’s Trips to Delaware: ‘Who Writes This Sh*t?’

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The GOP’s Twitter account is getting some predictable progressive push-back, after calling out President Joe Biden’s current visit to his home in Delaware.

“Joe Biden has now been to Delaware 31 times since he took office,” the GOP account read. “Americans are struggling to make ends meet and he is on vacation.”

Hitting a sitting president for taking time off is a time-honored tradition. But the holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (sometimes referred to as the “taint” of the calendar year) is not a week that typically any work gets done.

Progressive accounts on Twitter took immediate issue with the partisan hit on the current president, noting how former President Donald Trump visited his properties more often, also noting that a trip to Delaware to his home, is a far shorter trip.

According to USA Today, Trump visited his properties 38 times in his first year. He also averaged over a 100 visits to his properties per year, according to Citizens for Ethics.  A number of blue-checked progressive thought leaders were quick to point out the apparent double standards at play, which you can read at your leisure below:



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