Do Christians Turn a Blind Eye to The wrongdoings of Their Leaders of Their Faith?

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Do Christians Turn a Blind Eye to The wrongdoings of Their 

Leaders of Their Faith?

When everyone was settled in court and the defendant was seated in the dock and both prosecutor and defendant barristers were at the front bench.  All rise was call as the Judge entered and took his place on the high backed chair and put his file to one side, straightened his wig and tucked on the lapels of his gown. Then looked at his court and nodded at the clerk to bring the Jury in. 

After a word with the jury, the Judge asked the clerk of the court to proceed.  In a voice that all could hear the clerk turned to the prisoner and said: That you did kill three  children by malevolent means.  That you brought blindness to others by supernatural deed, and that you did curse a child’s body to wither and die, and that you used your magic to make birds come alive from clay—how do you pleadGuilty or not guilty!   

The judge say let it be known that the defendant did not answer the charges put against him, other than to stipulate that he is the Son of God


Son of God or whatever, crimes have been committed and had to be answered for as reported not by unbelievers nor pagans, but by Christians authors as stated in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.  A gospel first reported by Irenaeus of Lyon around the year 180 CE.

The above would be the proceeding if the crimes stated were brought before a modern jury under British Common Law.  Proceedings given from evidence taken from the gospel itself and ancient text from several other sources from outside the Bible such as the Quran and Toledot Yeshu.

These crimes were seen by Christians in antiquity as factual, but not perpetrated by an adult, but by a young Jesus between the ages of 5 to 12.  These so-called dastardly crime, Christians turned a blind eye to them.  

Would we today do the same, and turn a blind eye if we knowingly knew that the Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury were known serial killers?  The answer is NO!  We know the Pope Pius IX (1846-78) aka ‘Pio Nono,’ the Last Pope-King in 1858 kidnapped a six-year-old Jewish boy by the name of Edgardo Mortara (1851-1940) from Bologna, the then Papal State (now Italy).  Yet, even after decades of condemnation, Pope Pius IX kept the Jewish boy, who in adulthood became a Catholic priest.  Do Christians Turn a Blind Eye to the wrongdoers of the leaders of their faith, what do you say?

Nota bene Pope Pius IX was the last of the Pope-Kings which ended in 1870, monarchical episcopate of kings who reigned from 756 CE onward.


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