Revolution: Armed Kazakhstan Citizens Storm Gov. Buildings, Cabinet Members Resign As Cities Burn


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Protesters in Kazakhstan who are upset with rising fuel prices and the former president Nursultan Nazarbayev essentially remaining in power via a shadow government have revolted against the regime.

After armed citizens stormed government buildings in the city of Almaty on Tuesday, the entire cabinet resigned from power while police and military engaged in firefights with the revolutionaries.

Rebellious Kazakhs in cities across the country were reportedly chanting, “Old man out,” in reference to the ex-leader Nazarbayev.

The government allegedly cut off internet access for the entire country after declaring a state of emergency.

As ZeroHedge noted on Twitter, “Kazakhstan produces 42% of global uranium. It mined more uranium than Canada, Australia, and Namibia combined, which are the #2, #3 and #4 producers.”

In response to the nation experiencing a full-on revolution or civil war, global Uranium prices have skyrocketed.

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