Trump Derangement Is a ‘National Emergency’

What would you say about a firefighter who speeds through town every day with sirens shrieking and horns blaring for cars to move over as he blows through traffic lights, then finally stops to gush tons of water on a building that was never on fire?  “He’s a nut! He’s crazy! The man should be nowhere near a fire engine!”  You’d be right.

That’s how Trump’s enemies saw him back in 2016 – as a deranged fireman bullying people around and screaming about fires that didn’t exist.  Except they did exist. All over the place.

For the tens of millions who voted for Trump, the election was never really about Trump.  It was about the fires.  The issues.  Thanks to eight years of Obama “fundamentally” changing America, abnormal things were required to deal with an abnormal situation.  But as social, economic, and institutional fires burned out of control – with zero containment – the political class was stuck in one gear: Normal.   

No politician or party wanted to risk breaking from the norm to do the abnormal things.  Except Donald Trump.  On the major issues, Trump came the closest to saying exactly what millions were seeing.  His voice, though unorthodox, was our voice.  

With all his cantankerous, “unpresidential” bravado, Trump zeroed in on the elephants in the room.  He was a loud political Muhammad Ali who constantly boasted about “winning, winning, winning,” and doing things “big league.”  “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” he bragged, then vowed to back it up.

Still, Trump  achieved historic political feats, in his unorthodox way, unravelling Gordian knots that had been gnarled up for decades:  America surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russian to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil.  The unemployment rate was lower than it had ever been in 50 years. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and signed the Abraham Accords which normalized relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan, with tacit approval of Saudi Arabia.  And he built over 400 miles of border wall, which helped reduce illegal crossings by nearly 90 percent.

But Trump’s enemies, sick with TDS, dug in even more to undermine him, especially after the nation careened into emergency mode with COVID.

Democrats, leftists, and the media hated Bush because of his policies. Trump, too. Trump attracted conservatives, in part, because Bush never fought back. Trump got much worse treatment because he fought. But in the end, it doesn’t matter which Republican wins the presidency. They’ll all get the crazy treatment. These people are deranged enough to create fake emergencies out of whole cloth to get and keep political power, no matter how badly it hurts the country.

People so deranged should be nowhere near the corridors of power.

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