Christian nurse is to sue clinic over a training course that said the Bible was racist for mentioning ‘darkness’

  • Amy Gallagher, 33, from South London, is preparing legal action against the Portman Clinic in North London, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust 
  • Ms Gallagher alleges that she was told to watch an online lecture saying Christianity was part of the European oppression of black people
  • She also claims that she was asked to attend an online seminar called Whiteness – A Problem For Our Time, which claimed that all white people are racist

Ms Gallagher says that senior members of the Tavistock Trust eventually threatened her with suspension from her final year of the clinical qualification and, as the dispute escalated, suggested that her career as a psychotherapist could be at risk.

She said: ‘On the basis of my experience there, what they describe as anti-racism is racism. What they describe as tolerance is an intolerance of anyone who thinks differently to them.

‘Left unchallenged, such institutional bullying will only be emboldened.

‘I feel passionate about this. I hope my case will prove that teaching these discriminatory ideas – as though they are factual and true – within the NHS or within academia is wrong.’

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