Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson’s anti-immigrant lies appear to leave CNN’s fact-checker exasperated

The weirdo congressman who when serving as White House doctor claimed that the former twice-impeached president could live to be 200 years old is back, this time spouting lies about immigrants so ridiculous it seems to have caught very professional fact checker Daniel Dale off guard.

“CNN won’t try to fact check Jackson’s extremely vague claim that undocumented immigrants will have ‘MORE FREEDOMS’ than most Americans in 2022,” Dale understandably said. I mean, where do you even start? But he does address the health care and voting lies.

“Unlike citizens, undocumented immigrants are ‘basically excluded from participation in all federal health programs,’ said Samantha Artiga, director of the racial equity and health policy program at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which studies US health care,” the report said. That’s not to say undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be covered, because they absolutely should be. Some parts of the country are trying to fix that on a state level. It’s the smart and moral thing to do. They pay taxesThey have bodies! But on a federal level, it’s just not the policy.

On voting, Jackson is also lying. While some localities are allowing undocumented residents to vote in local elections, they can’t vote on the state or federal level. I mean, if Jackson wants to talk voter fraud, there’s the reported illegitimate voters from Florida’s retiree Disneyland, The Villages. “Three of those who’ve been accused—Joan Halstead, Jay Ketcik, and John Rider—are very clearly Trump supporters,” Daily Kos’ April Siese wrote this month. “Halstead and Ketcik are registered Republicans. Though Rider has no party affiliation listed, his Facebook page appears to show multiple pro-Trump posts.”


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