Even CALIFORNIA turns on Biden: More residents disapprove than approve of the President and VP Kamala Harris has just 38% approval in her home state in yet another disastrous poll

  • More voters in California disapprove than approve of Joe Biden’s presidency
  • His approval ratings have plummeted from 62 per cent last year to 47 per cent 
  • Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein are also losing support in their home state 


Joe Biden‘s poll numbers are continuing to plummet even in the super-Blue state of California, with more voters disapproving than approving of his current job performance.

A new survey by UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies showed the current administration is quickly losing support, with approval of Kamala Harris and California’s two Democrat senators also dwindling in the polls.

It is another dire signal for the White House and the Democrats that they could be subjected to a Republican bloodbath in the midterm elections.

Figures in the party are trying to rapidly re-shape their message to address economic issues like inflation after Bernie Sanders warned last week: ‘We aren’t caring to the needs of the American people’. 

The poll of 8,937 registered voters in the Golden State showed 48 per cent currently disapprove of Biden’s presidency, compared to 47 per cent who approved.

The numbers have dropped significantly since a similar poll was carried out in California in April 2021, when Biden held a 62 per cent approval rating and 34 per cent disapproval.

By July 2021, there were signs his popularity was starting to wane as his ratings slipped to 59 per cent approval and 37 per cent disapproval.

The vice president commands only 38 per cent approval among her voters, with 46 per cent disapproving of her job and 16 per cent offering no opinion.

The numbers are a similarly dramatic job from April 2021 when she held 53 per cent support and only 33 per cent disapproval.

Similarly, senator Dianne Feinstein, who has served the state since 1992, has dropped to her lowest ever approval ratings.

Only 30 per cent of California voters gave her a positive rating, compared to 49 per cent who disapprove of her job performance.

Biden’s ratings across the country are falling, with a vast majority of American voters frustrated with rising inflation, the continuing Covid-19 pandemic – and the resultant vaccine and mask mandates – as well as unrest at the border with Mexico.

After holding above 50 per cent approval ratings nationwide in his first months in office, Biden’s popularity has dropped since August last year as Covid deaths surged across the country and the US-backed Afghan government collapsed, and the subsequent botched withdrawal.  

Real Check Politics took an average of the most recent national surveys – 304 polls taken from January 2020 to this month – which measured Biden’s standing. 

Their cumulative poll put the President’s approval rating at 39 per cent and his disapproval at 54 per cent.