Now Trump Says His Accounting Firm Was ‘Broken’ By ‘Radical Leftist’ Racists

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Donald Trump is still trying to blame anyone but himself for his longtime accounting firm’s decision last week to sever ties with the Trump Organization.

He insisted Sunday that the firm Mazars USA was “broken” by “Radical leftist racist prosecutors.”

Trump offers no evidence for his accusations that the prosecutors are racist. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and state Attorney General Letitia James — who are both investigating Trump Organization business practices — are Black.

Trump quoted Mazars’ statement that it “performed its work in accordance with professional standards.” But Mazars didn’t say the same about the Trump Organization.

Mazars terminated its relationship, it explained in a letter that was part of a court document filed last week, because 10 years of financial statements it had prepared with records provided by the Trump Organization could no longer be considered reliable.

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