Republicans introduce joint resolution demanding Russia lose permanent seat on UN Security Council. Russia’s permanent seat on the council gives Putin veto power over its actions

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Several high-profile Republicans are introducing a joint resolution calling on President Biden to pressure the United Nations to strip Russia of its permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, which gives Moscow a veto over the council’s resolutions.

…”Russia is setting a new and dangerous precedent by abusing its role on the UN Security Council to shield itself from accountability for its blatantly illegal and unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country. This resolution is certainly a tall order given the procedural hurdles it faces in the Security Council, but it does not mean Congress should back down.”

…U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield appeared to dismiss the possibility of Russia being removed from the Security Council when asked about it on Sunday.

“Russia is a member of the Security Council. That’s in the U.N. Charter,” she said on CNN. “But we are going to hold Russia accountable for disrespecting the U.N. Charter.”

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